Thursday, August 19, 2010


have i mentioned dat tumblr is amazing?? yup. i love tumblr so much coz sum of the posts are much related to me. it helps me to express my feelings and it's amazing how other peoples are facing the same probs as me.

let me share sum of da posts owite..

do u realize how hard i try for u? i put so much sacrifice into our relationship, i fight for us, and even improve on the things u tell me. yet u disregard that and act like i don't care. do u value me at all?

if i wanted sumone else, i'd find sumone else and be with them instead of trying to stay with u. i just want u. how can u not understand dat?

i used to say the exact same thing to him..

do u know dat when a boy breaks a girl's heart, its much, much, much more than u know it affected her? dat her tears are not only to show how much it hurt but to at least try to blur out the world so she can forget? dat she thinks every sleeping and waking moment wat da hell she did wrong? dat when she looks at the photos of u and her, she tries to tear it but can't because they're very beautiful memories to keep? dat she can't throw away the teddy bear n carefully preserved chocolate u gave her because u gave it to her? that whenever she thinks of the "i love u" words u told her, she mutters "i love u too" but realizes she can't say it anymore? dat its like the whole world tumbling before her very eyes? no. u don't know what it feels like. u don't know how it feels to be cheated, to be left, to be fooled. and its taken very seriously because, once a girl loves, a girl really loves.

on this day, Gods wants u to know.. that it's time u let go. yes, of course, u want to control so evrything happens in just the way u want it. but at the end of the day, we control nothing, it's all in God's hands, has always been, and always be. so, do wat u can, and then let go, and let God handle the rest.

maybe the ones dat we love leave us because sumone else is supposed to come into our lives, and those peoples will love us more. they won't hurt us or lead us on. they'll be the one person who will be able to right all the wrongs in our lives.

notakaki: sori la cz sume post asik emo2 je. tp dah aku mmg emo so kne la post bnda emo.. bak kata dia, aku ni drama queen. hrmmm

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