Friday, July 9, 2010

i'm freaking out

this PAC thing makes me crazy.
i can't sleep at night
and the worst part is,
it makes me talking to myself all day.
i mumbling and babbling to myself in english as preparation for PAC.
i'm not only sounds crazy but i look crazy..
other drivers saw me talking to myself while driving..
and they look at me with weird faces..
and some of them laugh at me too..
public speaking??
i have to make sure i'm not gonna throw up in front of those strangers..

wish me luck ya guys~~

notakaki: aduh, nk tulis english bape kerat je pun aku dah finin kepale. lantak la if salah grammar ke pe.. aku ketakutan. gegel2 kecut perot nak membuang je rase. tulisan kena kecik so dat bile de slh org xprasan sgt.. hehehe

1 comment:

yanie said...

gd luck nana :)